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What is the Average Cremation Time?

Posted on: August 30th 2016

At Affinity Funeral Service, we pride ourselves on handling the services of your loved one with the utmost dignity and care.  We also stress the importance of efficiency with everyone on our team. When a family has chosen cremation we make every effort to return your loved one’s cremated remains as soon as possible.   […]

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What is the Customary Amount to Pay Your Pastor For A Funeral Service?

Posted on: August 26th 2016

A common question that many families ask when planning funerals is: what type of honorarium should we give our pastor?   In the markets that we serve, the typical clergy honorarium we see most often is $150.  This figure can sometimes be more and sometimes be less.  In some cases, families prefer instead to make […]

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Understanding Cash Advance Items Included in Funeral Costs

Posted on: August 10th 2016

Cash advance Items are items that are fees from a third party. These items can include obituary costs, clergy honorariums, musician fees, church fees, floral arrangements, and the fee for the use of a limo.  It is important to understand that these are not our charges they are the direct fees of the third party […]

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Can You Get Cremated and Buried?

Posted on: August 03rd 2016

Many families that we serve are unaware that when cremation is chosen burial is still an option.  When working with families, many are surprised to hear of the benefits of cremation.  While cremation is a less costly option than a traditional burial, one of the greatest advantages is the flexibility that it offers.   For […]

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Resources For Cremation and Funeral Expenses

Posted on: July 27th 2016

At Affinity we have some of the lowest prices for cremation and burial services in the Richmond, VA region.  However, we understand that each family’s situation is different and financial constraints may present themselves.  There are a few options that a family can pursue to help ease the financial burden of final death expenses.  Here […]

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