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Can You Get Cremated and Buried?

Posted on: August 03rd 2016

Many families that we serve are unaware that when cremation is chosen burial is still an option.  When working with families, many are surprised to hear of the benefits of cremation.  While cremation is a less costly option than a traditional burial, one of the greatest advantages is the flexibility that it offers.   For […]

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How To Write An Obituary

Posted on: May 27th 2016

  We have had many families ask about what goes into writing an obituary. An obituary and what it contains is what you want it to be. While there certainly is a traditional style that you often see in your local newspaper, there is no specific format that must be followed. A traditional obituary often […]

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Three Cost-Saving Considerations for a Funeral Service with a Low Budget

Posted on: March 21st 2016

When a loved one passes, funeral costs can overwhelm a grieving family. When making funeral arrangements, there are many small decisions to be made in a relatively short amount of time. These decisions can add stress, as well as cost, to a funeral service.   Here are three ways you can reduce funeral costs: 1) […]

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Why Choose a Full Service Funeral Home?

Posted on: March 17th 2016

Affinity Funeral Service is a full-service funeral home. We offer a variety of services ranging from complete traditional burials to non-traditional ceremonial gatherings. The members of our staff work with each family to ensure that a fitting tribute is provided to their loved ones.   As a full service funeral home we also understand the […]

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Understanding Your Veteran’s Benefits

Posted on: March 16th 2016

At Affinity Funeral Service, we are so honored to be able to serve the military veterans who so bravely served our country. It is important to understand that veterans are entitled to many burial benefits. Some of these benefits include: Burial or Inurnment in a National Cemetery A Headstone or marker provided by the Department […]

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