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How To Write An Obituary

Posted on: May 27th 2016

  We have had many families ask about what goes into writing an obituary. An obituary and what it contains is what you want it to be. While there certainly is a traditional style that you often see in your local newspaper, there is no specific format that must be followed. A traditional obituary often […]

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Five Ways to Plan for a Funeral

Posted on: May 20th 2016

Are you considering making funeral plans for you or another member of your family? There are many things to consider when planning a funeral. These considerations include financial, personal preference and event coordinating. Funeral service is continually evolving. Families today have many options to consider when memorializing a loved one. Here are a few things […]

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6 Reasons Our Prices Are Lower

Posted on: May 10th 2016

1. Simply put many funeral homes are more concerned with profit then we are. We believe that families should not be expected to pay high fees for cremation and traditional funerals.  Our variety of cremation and burial packages ensure your loved one will receive the utmost care at a price your family deserves.   2. […]

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Different Options for Cremated Remains?

Posted on: April 13th 2016

  Many families are unaware that there are many ways in which the family can handle their loved one’s remains. While traditionally remains are placed within an urn, other options include: Space Travel Celestis Memorial Spaceflights actually allows for families to shoot their loved one’s ashes into space. Depending upon the type of service selected, […]

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Answering Your Questions About Cremation

Posted on: April 06th 2016

  What does the cremation process involve? The State of Virginia requires that a few items be completed prior to the cremation taking place. These items include: Cremation Authorization Form: Virginia requires that the next-of- kin sign a cremation authorization form prior to cremation taking place. If there is more than one next-of- kin, we will […]

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