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Resources For Cremation and Funeral Expenses


At Affinity we have some of the lowest prices for cremation and burial services in the Richmond, VA region.  However, we understand that each family’s situation is different and financial constraints may present themselves.  There are a few options that a family can pursue to help ease the financial burden of final death expenses.  Here are a few options:

At Affinity full payment is not required at the time of arrangements.

Many area providers require that families make full payment at the time of arrangements.  At Affinity we work with all families and understand that some deaths may be unexpected.  We will work diligently with your family to ensure that your loved one’s life is honored.  While we are not a lending institution and we do not finance funeral expenses in house we can help to identify and recommend providers who may be able to help alleviate some of the financial burden.

Obtain a loan from a financial institution.

One option for some families is to seek to obtain a loan to cover the balance of final death expenses.  While this option may be attractive to some, it is important to remember that most financial institutions will have a qualification process before lending any type of funds.

Use of a crowdfunding site.

Crowdfunding sites are websites that have been created to help individuals raise funds for a certain cause.  Many families are using these to raise funds to cover final burial expenses.  People should keep in mind that crowdfunding sites typically have a platform fee and take a percentage of each donation.

Raise donations from family and social groups.

In not requiring immediate payment at the time of arrangement, we allow families time to explore avenues to pay for the service.  We have found that often family, friends and social organization and churches are willing to help contribute towards final death expenses.  At Affinity we believe in open and honest discussions. We will work with you to providing a fitting tribute at a price point that is affordable for you and your loved ones.

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